Alpha Online

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We will be launching another online Alpha course soon!.   Alpha is an opportunity to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed and informal environment. Our online course will run through Zoom (PC/laptop/tablet/smartphone + WiFi needed) and each week will include a short video on a particular theme and then a chance to chat, ask questions and share perspectives.  Watch this space for further details.

If you are interested in joining our next online Alpha, or would like to ask more questions about it, please contact Sarah Meech on 
Please consider inviting a friend. All are welcome and we would love for you to join us

You can take a look at the full Church Calendar for more information on all that's going on.

 Interested in doing your own   "Family & Friends ONLINE ALPHA"?

Earlier in the year 15 members of my extended family (mostly non-Christian) have met online for one hour using the Alpha Film series. Our course lasts for 8 weeks. It is a straightforward and excellent way to share your faith and the material relates well to all ages.  Each weekly session includes a 20 minute video film followed by 15-20 minute discussion. The rest of the time has been spent catching up and having family fun. Questions for discussion can be provided. The host's role is simply to facilitate discussion and not be a focus for answers, so you don’t need any particular knowledge or experience!
If you are interested in starting an Online Alpha with your own family and friends please do contact me and I would be very happy to offer technical and set up assistance. Please contact our church office and ask to be put in contact with Keith Halstead.