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Obadiah the Ostrich is one of the stars of our FAME YouTube channel which provides a series of 15 minute programmes of stories and songs for children and families.

The FAME channel is off air for the time being as Obadiah has run South in search of warmth and coconuts - he wishes you all well!
For any enquiries  while Hannah and Obadiah are away please contact
Catherine Hutton

Click here for the EMC FAME Channel

Obadiah discovers many different things from the stories in the bible that he and Hannah look at together. They look at things not being fair, trust, adverts, being asked to do impossible things, parables, getting lost, as well as learning about the different stories from Creation to Feeding the 5000 and many, many more. Head over to our YouTube channel to watch some of the videos and get to know Hannah and Obadiah a bit more.

Having fun with Musicals and Talent Shows and Breaking News Stories, there is a multitude of wigs and costumes and face paints… Hannah and Obadiah are masters of disguise!

Obadiah loves a joke, here are some of his favourites…


And everyone needs to know Ostrich facts, so here are a few to get you started on your Ostrich fact file…

Ostrich Facts

Keep a look out for new videos on our YouTube channel.


Click here to watch all the episodes from the series.