As we move through this period of Lent, we reflect on the words of the song Beauty for Brokenness and bring to mind the time that Jesus spent in the wilderness in the weeks leading up to His crucifixion. It was a time of deprivation, of testing and we reflect on the challenging times for so many in recent months.  We ask for God’s closeness, His love, and His compassion.
15th-21st March
We pray for those who live in fear and confusion, in fear of loss of stability of income, loss of education, changed plans and futures; fear of breakdown in relationships and fear of abuse.
22nd -28th March
We pray for areas of the world where there has been long term hardship and war, thinking of those who live without the facilities that provide protection during this pandemic, without medical teams and support services. We pray for those who are dispossessed, pleading for shelter for those fragile lives and care for their ills
29th March – 3rd April
As we reflect on the preparations for Jesus’ ride into Jerusalem, we pray for all who are scorned, despised or abused, for those who are pre-judged or mis-understood. We pray for those who seek refuge, that they may find sanctuary.

4th  -- 10th April
Hallelujah! He is Risen! We rejoice in the gospel of Easter Day. We rejoice in the positive outcomes of Lockdown – old relationships restored, acts of kindness, the smiles of strangers, new found friendships and and the support of communities. Beauty for the brokenness.

11th – 17th April
We pray for tolerance and patience as we await greater freedom. With the longer days, we look forward to brighter skies, enjoying the return of the colours of spring, of the natural beauty of our countryside. We wonder at rhythm of nature, maintaining the cycle of the seasons. May we all respect our earth that is being so ravaged by greed and have a renewed appreciation of all that it has to offer, a renewed pledge to care more for this wonderful world in which we live. Lockdown has given us more time to re-evaluate the importance of small things – ways in which we can play our part in sustaining all that we treasure
18th – 24th April  
We thank God for friends and families and look forward to reunions; to having freedom to express our feelings that may have long been with-held and have a real sense of relief and joy. Let us give thanks for all who have given their time, skills and dedication, and in some cases, their lives for the benefit of others. We are indeed blessed in so many ways.