Day by Day Prayers 



Sept 16th- 30th.  Words from the hymn “ God be in my head.”
“God be in my head and in my understanding.”
Pray for ways of understanding more about your faith. Give thanks for ways of exploring our faith together.
Pray for wisdom when seeking to understand other people’s point of view and when trying to share your faith.
“God be in mine eyes and in my looking”.
Take time to look at the world around you and give thanks for its beauty.
“ God be in  my mouth and in my speaking”.
Pray that you might use words carefully. Ask for forgiveness for things you have said that have hurt somebody or have been said without thinking.
Give thanks for people who have helped you through their words of encouragement or comfort.
“God be in my heart and in my thinking.”
Our thoughts can become uncharitable, negative, resentful. Ask for God to be in your thoughts.
“God be at mine end and at my departing.”
Pray for those you know who are near the end of their lives and pray they may be at peace.
Give thanks for nurses, doctors, ministers and hospital chaplains who help those who are dying.


Weekly Prayers for October 2021
Prayer time is a special time to spend talking to God, sharing with him the day ahead, what you will be doing & the people you will be meeting. Asking him to protect & guide you throughout the day. Thanking him for all his goodness & forgiveness for any wrongdoings you have become aware of.
During the weeks ahead be aware of what is happening, locally, nationally & internationally; either through the TV, radio, newspapers or just through general chatter, with gossip ask for guidance & calcification & pray being aware that God may be asking you to do or say something.
Perhaps the prayer attributed to St Richard of Chichester should be a foundation in our relationship with God.
Day by day Dear Lord of these three things I pray:
To see thee more clearly
To love thee more dearly
To follow thee more nearly
Day by day.
Suggestions for inclusion in our supplications  could be for:-
Week 1          3rd – 9th
Young people starting at universities or colleges.
Farmers & gardeners as they finish the harvesting and storing of their crops & then preparing the ground  for replanting.
Lorry drivers & other transport workers responsible for keeping the shop shelves filled
People taking late holidays. Those in hospitality who have been having a difficult time recently.
That the Covid vaccinations go smoothly & that the virus is controlled.
Week 2          10th - 16th
Children & their families during half term & their teachers
People who are living rough or have nowhere to call home. For the charities who are trying to support them, the Salvation Army comes to mind. There are others, including Hope into Action, which EMC is supporting, who are hoping to open their new home in Epsom soon.
Week 3          17th -23rd
As winter approaches and fuel bills grow that people will have the means to stay warm. That there are no disputes that affect supplies.
Week 4          24th- 30th
As the days get shorter pray for those who are lonely or alone. Those who are having health problems needing care at home, or in residential homes, keep them safe and their carers diligent and caring. Be with their families & help them keep in touch.
Pray for the government as they work & prepare for coping with winter emergencies.