ECO & Bronze

Climate change and safeguarding the future of the planet are some of the biggest challenges that peoples and governments across the world face. It is a crisis that disproportionately affects poor people and "left behind" communities. These issues speak to our calling and duty as Christians to care for God’s world and to protect the most vulnerable.

Epsom Methodist Church is embracing this initiative.  It offers us the opportunity to deepen our own discipleship and to reach out and engage with the wider community about the breadth and depth of the good news of Christ.  EMC has joined the A Rocha UK award scheme and are delighted to report that we have been awarded a bronze award under their Eco Church scheme for churches in England and Wales “who want to demonstrate that the gospel is good news for God’s earth”. This demonstrates that we:
  • express our care for God’s world in our worship and teaching
  • look after our buildings and land
  • engage with our local community and in global campaign
  • reflect eco-sensitive values in the personal lifestyles of our congregation
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Please can you help with RECYCLING?

STAMPS - We have been collecting used postage stamps for the past couple of years in aid of RNIB especially with the aim of raising funds for Guide Dogs. All contributions gratefully received, ideally with about a one-inch border to the stamps.

CRISP PACKETS are being collected in the bin in the church lobby for recycling and to raise funds for the local Air Ambulance

SUPPORT is greatly welcomed by women in cultures where underwear is rarely worn. "Smalls for All" is a charity that collects "gently worn" bras and supplies them to vulnerable women. 

IF YOU are able to help with any of these or have other suggestions for recycling, please contact Hazel Jump through the Contact us form

The building is currently closed due to Covid so please save your stamps and crisp packets and bring them once we are able to open again.  Thank you for all your contributions and ongoing support.