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Climate change and safeguarding the future of the planet are some of the biggest challenges that peoples and governments across the world face. It is a crisis that disproportionately affects poor people and "left behind" communities. These issues speak to our calling and duty as Christians to care for God’s world and to protect the most vulnerable.

Epsom Methodist Church is embracing this initiative.  It offers us the opportunity to deepen our own discipleship and to reach out and engage with the wider community about the breadth and depth of the good news of Christ.  EMC has joined the A Rocha UK award scheme and are delighted to report that we have been awarded a silver award in July21 under their 
Eco Church scheme for churches in England and Wales “who want to demonstrate that the gospel is good news for God’s earth”. 

eco silverThis demonstrates that we:
  • express our care for God’s world in our worship and teaching
  • look after our buildings and land
  • engage with our local community and in global campaign
  • reflect eco-sensitive values in the personal lifestyles of our congregation
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Eco Church at Epsom Farmers Market
EMC Eco Church have been taking a stand at the Farmers Market the first Sunday each month since May 21

This has been an exciting  new venture and our aim is to encourage people in the community to become more active in protecting God's Creation.
Please do come along and visit the stall between 9:30am and 1:30pm. Themes of the Stall so far have been recycling, gardening and Climate Change

Please hold us in your prayers as we move forward, and please do come and visit us at the next Farmers Market .

ECO market stall

Climate Change is happening now. Want to know what you can do to alleviate Climate Change?  The Eco group have produced a document entitled 8 Ways you can help with Climate Change. The document is available from the Church Office and gives 8 Eco tips that are practical ways for us as individuals to do our bit to reduce the impact of Climate Change.


Here’s what we collect at EMC and what happens to it.

Used stamps- Raises money for the RNIB

Empty pill blister packs- Supports Marie Curie via Teracycle

Used batteries – Not put into landfill and recycled locally. 90% of what’s in a battery can be recycled.

Gently used bras- ‘Smalls for All’ who support vulnerable women in Africa.
A UK based charity. The bras are sent out and reused for those living in orphanages, slums, IDP (internally displaced persons) camps and schools, as well as those in hospitals suffering from medical conditions like obstetric fistula. 

Used spectacles (no cases please) 
 -Lions club of Chichester send to Medico France who then ship spectacles directly to known contacts undertaking eye clinics in Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Nigeria and Nepal. More recently specs have been taken to refugee camp in Lebanon. The specs have also generated over £750k from recycled materials from specs and have donated over £540k to sight related charitable causes.

Crisp packets – Local charities via Teracycle

Clean Foil - Recycled and not put into landfill

Used toothbrushes and empty toothpaste tubes - Via Teracycle made into plastic pellets and used to make outdoor furniture and decking, flooring tiles, playground surface covers and much more.

Used bread bags - Recycled into bin liners and plastic goods

Used pens (all writing instruments except for wooden and chalk)- Recycled by Teracycle into pellets and made into furniture, decking ,floor tiles and much more.

Biscuit wrappers – Recycled into plastic pellets by Teracycle and used to make items as above.

Recycling in Epsom Town Centre
Used mobile phones – Sainsbury’s Kiln Lane
Used make up – Boots, Superdrug and Sainsbury’s Kiln Lane, 
Printer Ink Cartridges- Ryman’s
Brita Water filters- Robert Dyas
Contact Lenses- Boots and Leightons Opticians

For any other suggestions for recycling, please contact Hazel Jump on or on 07970 276160 to arrange collection.