Zimbabwe Update 2022
 The Zimbabwe Victims Support Fund (ZVSF) is the partner charity supporting the frontline volunteers who have been entrusted with the distribution of the Mike Campbell Foundations free open-pollinated seed to poverty stricken rural people in Zimbabwe’s Matabeleland province.
Message from Graham
Once again you have all risen to the Lord’s challenge of supporting his work in Zimbabwe. It has been a truly humbling experience receiving your donations to continue the support of the poor and destitute in Matabeleland. Thank you. There were times when I wondered how we would be able to meet the rising cost of the mealie meal required. I need not have worried!! You have enabled us to purchase 236 tonnes of the staple food, as well as the nutritional supplement e’pap and soya chunks. I also wish to add my thanks to the team in Bulawayo for all their dedication and hard work, to which we refer in our reports through the year and which are also shown in the photographs supplied and on our ZVSF website. Sadly over the year we have lost friends who have supported ZVSF’s work. In their memory we will persevere in the struggle against injustice and neglect.
Thank you,
Graham Matthews Treasurer 53 Renda Road Holbury Southampton SO45 2LX