Zimbabwe Update
We have received the 4th bulletin from Zimbabwe and want to share their news. They tell of the appalling poverty of those receiving their monthly allocation of maize meal, but they also tell of the relief and joy in their faces. There is grinding poverty and desperate hunger in which they, and 8.6 million other Zimbabweans without food, have been condemned to live by a corrupt and uncaring government.
They tell of a single mother with four dependent children for whom this maize is her only regular and reliable source of food. She and other beneficiaries are singing “Siyabonga kakhulu” which translates as “thank you very much”.
In the first four months of the Special Appeal the team has purchased and distributed 210 tonnes of maize meal and are running at a steady rate of 60 tonnes per month. This is only sustained by the unprecedented level of funding for February – but not yet for March after which the harvest is due. Depending on God’s provision and our generosity, they press forward relying on Hudson Taylor’s famous dictum: “God’s work done in His way will never lack God’s supply.”